is this a problem or normal!?

By ungua · 5 replies
Mar 25, 2003
  1. my problem is a graphics mistake that i have in quake3 and stronger in gta3, too: you know the mouse track at windumb9x!? something like that, fortunately not as strong as this. how may i remove this? nvidia gefroce4 ti 4200 agp8x von pny.


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  2. ungua

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    oops, guess this is the wrong place somehow. is there a mod to move the thread!? :blush:
  3. Deception`

    Deception` TS Rookie

    Hrm. Never heard of this problem before. First I suggest you try chaning your Detonator Drivers a couple of times and see how those work. You may also want to consider lowering the vid quality in your games or turning down the hardware acceleration in Control Panel. Btw - what OS are you running? Im on Xp with a GF3 ti 200 and I've never had this problem.
  4. Svoboda

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    isn't there an option in gta3 to turn on motion blurring? it looks from that screenshot like it is on

    see in the options of gta3 if its on
  5. vassil3427

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    What resolution do you have the game running in? It looks like what happened when i ran GTA3 in 640x480 , you may have thought you have it set higher, but you probably dont, go into your settings in GTA3, and use your scroll thing on your mouse over the resolution, make sure hit apply! I hope this helps...
  6. ungua

    ungua TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 50


    i'm running the game under windumb98se (the os is not to be discussed! :rolleyes:). i've had the detonator 40.9 and 41.12 - both have the same problems. you can see my pc's data in my signature, the one going to tripod. actually, i was hoping this machine should last for at least one year without problems... :D anyway, a soundcard is already ordered. maybe that solves a lot.
    if so, i didn't find it. :(
    i'm running it under 1024x768 and had 800x600 turned on before - it works well... ;) anyway, as long as it doesn't collapse: yesterday evening i was able to »play« an average of three minutes until gta3 broke down. :dead:

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