is this a virus?

By lota1
Sep 13, 2005
  1. i was using the internet in a few windows, chatting in one window, a lot of us were using the same website to research something, i was plagued by popups about 6 per minute and kept closing them.

    As I was chatting several people said to watch out as they had virus warnings for this particular website but i kept using it as i thought, oh its just a few popups.

    About 10 minutes later i used the mouse to click on something and the cursor just froze on the screen, i was unable to use mouse to do anything at all.

    i switched off the comp and put back on but as soon as windows come up and i click on something the cursor just freezes again so i cant open any applications.

    I did leave the computer for 1 hour to see if it would clear but nothing happened. cant afford to have comp looked at as i am jobless at the mo - worse i had typed up my CV but not yet printed it. I have no paper copy. Eeeek!
  2. hondablaster

    hondablaster TS Rookie Posts: 22

    download. AD-Aware from

    Ad aware not any of the other junk they got. Update it. First.

    You might need to burn it to a CD then load of from windows safemode. If it keeps freezing.

    Its just a LOT of adware on your system

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