Is this an effective fan set/radiator set up for my CM Cosmos II?

By Jesidious
Apr 18, 2012
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  1. I just purchased a Cooler Master Cosmos II, along with ten fans and a Corsair H100 liquid enclosed cooler for the processor.

    My question is, would it still be an effective cooling set up if I set the 3 120mm fans on the top of my case to pull air down into my case through the radiator? Thus my intake fans would be my 3 120mm fans at the top of my case and the two fans at the front of my case.

    I would than set the 4 fans on the door to be exhaust along with the 140mm fan in the rear as exhaust, my power supply has its intake fan drawing cool air from the slot on the bottom of the case so that is not an issue.

    Would this work?
  2. ross01

    ross01 TS Rookie

    yes it would work but having it in that configuration is less effective your gpu/cpu would run a few degrees less and your gpu would receive hot air from the rad. Hot air rises so it would definitively be better to have your door fans/front panel pulling air in and top fans pushing air out of the case.

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