Is this PC ok for a 64bit OS?

By milky ยท 4 replies
Jun 14, 2009
  1. I am working on a Dell Inspiron E1505 and I was checking out the specs and it appears to be 64bit but I'm not 100% sure. I want to maybe install a 64bit windows, but I don't know if the 'processor address bus width' must also be 64bit.
    Here are the specs:

    System chip set: Intel 945 GM or Intel 945 PM

    Data bus width: 64 bits

    DRAM bus width: dual-channel (2) 64-bit buses

    Processor address bus width: 32 bits

    Graphics bus: PCI-E X16

    PCI bus: 32 bits

    Is this good to go for Windows XP x64?
    What exactly is the "Processor address bus" as opposed to the "Data bus"?
    or, Which data utilizes the "Processor address bus"?
  2. TheJediSlayer

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    Hello Milky,

    I took the liberty of looking up your Dell Inspiron E1505 and if you did not upgrade the CPU and left the factory standard CPU in (1.66-GHz Intel Core Duo T2300 processor), then no, I am sorry. The CPU is not 64-bit compatible. Therefore, you cannot run a Windows 64-bit operating system.

  3. hellokitty[hk]

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    Aside from that, Windows XP x64 is horrible, not only that but you probably don't even need a 64bit OS, why do you consider it again?

    Anyway, windows XP 32 bit.
  4. milky

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    I have an inspiron 1525 on a Celeron 550 (2GHz, Single Core) running Vista x64 beautifully. Although I am waiting for the right deal on ebay to upgrade to a t7200, I have no problems with a 64bit OS on a dumpy old single core CPU.
    I can't imagine that the Celeron 550 is better than the t2300?
  5. raybay

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    If you are familiar with x64, you will have no big problems... but sometimes drivers come into placy, so you need to be certain you will have all the drivers that will work in x64 before you start.

    You might also want to talk to people using x64 on computers similar to yours, because for every happy users we find three or four unhappy x64 users.

    It is not for everybody.

    i would not want X64 on an E1505... it has troubles enough in WXP or VISTA. X64 will magnifiy those troubles.
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