is this something to do with the graphics card

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Jun 13, 2006
  1. just a quick sum up

    used to have an onboard graphics, disabled that
    ive tried (like for 2 hours) to get my new Abit Radeon 9600 XT VIO in the AGP slot, but i didnt push all the way to a lock (a click sound) because if i do i might break the motherboard (or the card) and also if i do push it to a lock,

    i wont be able to put on the screw because the it covers about 3/4 of the 'screw hole' so basically the screw wont go in (unless you guys suggest id be better off taking out the screw and lock it instead, so forget the screw) which is better u think?

    and also i have a LCD flatscreen 17 inch, and my display for the desktop is 1280 and 1024(there;s 2 on the display 1. radeon 9600XT VIO 2. (default) radeon 9600 XT seconday, i choose the first one). SOMETIMES when i play music and try to get into warcraft 3, the game options look distorted (as in just dodgy graphics all over the place) so i quit the game, only to find the blue screen (not the screen of death one) and my nice zombie picture is gone. i have to go 'reapply' it again to have in place. SOMETIMES i cant get into warcraft 3 at all it says error etcetc

    this might seem like a small problem but its getting to me, (funny it only happens when i try to play music and warcraft 3 at the same time, it never happened when i had my integrated graphics)

    i assume u guys know better, so what do you think it is?
  2. Rik

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    What mobo (motherboard) do you have first off?

    Did you remove the driver and any applications for your on board graphics card before fitting your new one?

    The radeon 9600 XT secondary is the driver for the tv output.

    When playing games its always best to have the secondary tv output disabled especially if no tv is connected.
  3. antradox

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    my mobo is (acc to box)

    SIS 661FX+964/ Micro ATX
    2 DDR400/ LAN
    6- CH Audio/ USB 2.0
    SATA/VGA Integrated

    well, before i put my new graphics card in i did disable the earlier display (using the device manager) adapter, thats all i did as far as disabling goes(was i supposed to do more checks for the onboard stuff??) then i put my graphics card in, did the whole drivers installation thingy.

    can you tell me if anymore of that needs disabling
    and no i dont plan to use the TV with this card, so how do i disable that if you think its better to when playing games?
  4. Rik

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    The simplest course of action for you would be to uninstall everything for your new card, shut your pc down, remove it, restart on built in graphics, uninstall driver and all applications for that, shutdown again, refit new card, and install driver.
  5. antradox

    antradox TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    actually i am reformatting my harddrive (trying to, dunno how its done), i cant seem to do it on my computer so my friend suggest that i have to remove my hardrive from the computer and put it in his as a secondary hardrive, format it, then fix it back in my computer,then install everything all over again.

    that'll fix everything hopefully
    if you didnt know i was a recent victim of a trojan (which i got rid of i think), and some stupid problem causing software (it was a zonealarm firewall which i tried to install because when the trojan attacked me, my windows firewall just go disabled and cant turn on!!)

    now everytime i start the system is says something like 'system shutdown in about 50 secs, this was authorised by NT Windows etcetc', and when i do try to shut down before the time ends, it wouldnt,it just wouldnt

    so i decided to use the nuke,reformat
    (btw this is my friends comp im using)
  6. Rik

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    If your friends pc has xp on it then you can just Right click, format in his "my computer". also, if you are using xp then the install cd should allow you to do a full format.
  7. Badfinger

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    Seat the card in the slot fully, don't worry about the screw, I've run into that issue MANY times, strong electrical tape can be used to help keep that in place well enough if you need to bother with the screw at all.

    There are cases out there that have done away with those ***** screws and instead use a metal bar to hold down all cards, and it is screwed into place, and it's own hole is NEVER a problem, it caused an issue with a awkward card and I had to remove that, but it was another story. 8) Same case did away with screws for hard drives and CD rom drives as well, it's great for extremely fast swap outs and highly recommended.

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