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Apr 7, 2014
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  1. Ok, so for christmas I got a FUNAI HD TV, and I recently hooked up a old dell pc to it. Now its not a huge deal cause my dell is a backup pc but I also use it to play older games but anyway, the sound will not come out of the tv speakers but when I plug my headphones into the tower the sound works fine. Do I need seperate speakers for the sound to work? I figured I could get the sound to come out of the tv but no luck so far. Any ideas?
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    What cable are you using to connect PC to TV? I'm assuming the blue VGA cable?
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    Your video card must have a hdmi connection and you have to connect to the tv with an hdmi cable. Your old dell probably does not have the required video card especially if it is the video card on the motherboard and not a pcie card. If the dell has a pcie slot you can buy a pcie video card with the required hdmi connection.
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    For far cheaper he can just run a headphone to RCA cord between the tower and the TV. I did this for years before HDMI was common with a computer connected to a TV. There is an extremely high chance the TV has audio in for the PC input.

    Edit: Looks like you don't need a headphone to RCA, just straight male-male headphone cord.
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    Sorry for the late reply. alright well thanks alot for your help
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