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Aug 31, 2007
  1. I acquired a G4 and the ethernet card (PCI) was working perfectly. I went ahead, cleared the Hard drives and reinstalled Mac OS X onto the computer - The Network card wasn't showing up inthe device list for Network settings. All that was listed was Built-In Ethernet. (which doesnt work at all)

    So I get the model number from the ethernet card (D-Link DFE-530+) and download the Mac OS X drivers for the model and install. Still nothing. All thats in the list is still the Built-In Ethernet.

    So whats the procedure to getting my DLink PCI NIC to show up in the list?
    I still don't like Macs...
  2. LinkedKube

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    Nothing likes macs, or anyone might I add, was a post today about macs.
  3. jobeard

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    use System Preferences->Network to see and config the card.
    not having a secondary NIC, I can't say how it shows-up.
  4. SNGX1275

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    We know you don't like Macs or Vista, you don't have to announce it in a thread you aren't contributing to. As I was debating on whether to leave your post or not I thought I bet I can find a similar problem with a Windows box. So I go into Storage & Networking and right in front of me is a brand new post: Question mark over Ethernet Controller

    I did a bit of google searching and found this from this page.
    Part about Realtek
    Their link doesn't work, but I searched for that file name and ended up here.
    Perhaps thats of some help.
  5. mscott00

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    I'm just getting frustrated because I'm trying everything I can think of and yet I dont have the control over it, like I normally would with a PC. This is just acting like its not even there. And not to mention the router lights up when its plugged into the card, mac just wont see it.
  6. SNGX1275

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    That isn't a Mac specific issue. You'd be just as in the dark in Linux or BSD. Anyway did you try anything in my above post?
  7. mscott00

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    Ill give the Realtek stuff a shot, but it still doesnt make sense.

    After installing Mac OS 10 specific drivers for my precise model card, it wont show up in the device list for network connections. Even after it says, installation complete, and I click restart.

    I didnt get a corrupt error, nor did I get a extension error, I was given a Installation Complete message, with the only possible option to restart.

    On Mac is there a way to view the list of PCI devices connected?
  8. mscott00

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    Oh, and not to beat the subject up anymore... But 10 minutes prior to erasing and installing Mac OS X fresh, the card was working properly... Weird!
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