It is the Cooling Fan?

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Jan 30, 2007
  1. I have an AMD Athlon 1300 Mhz and an 4500 rpm cooler.In these 3-4 days i had problems with my system, it always resets it self and i don't know why.i've monitored my cooler speed and it's always indicating around 4500 rpm but my processor is still getting warmer at about 62 Celssius, and if I run applications and games wich requires an significant amount of processor schedule my system restarts instantly and my processor is warming up to 69 Celssius. I don't know why because since i have it i didn't run into this kind of problem.Thanks.........
  2. raybay

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    Cooling fans are very inexpensive, running $10 to $25. You might want to try a different heatsink & fan combination, with thermal past, too. 69c is just too risky a temperature.
  3. kirock

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    It does sound like an overheating issue with the CPU.
    Have a look at the Heatsink Fan (HSF) and make sure it's seated properly on the CPU die. Also I recommend removing it and applying a new coat of thermal compound (this is a white paste which is applied on the bottom of the HSF where it touches the top of the CPU). Artic Silver is the best, but any local PC shop will carry some brand you can use.

    Make sure the fan is clean of any dust too.

  4. raybay

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    Again, if you are going to the work to clean off and reapply the thermal past, also use the opportunity to change to a Cooler Master heatsink-fan set... Cheap, and reliable -- most name brands will last two or three years, depending on use.
  5. foozy

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    I agree with Ray, just replace the heatsink/fan, most new heatsinks come with a coat of thermal paste already applied. Be careful when you're installing the heatsink, putting it on and taking it back off again usually requires a brand new coat of thermal paste.
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