iTunes Issues

I am not very 'tech savvy' and have had numerous issues with synching my iPhone to my Laptop, I am running Windows 10. I received an error message and the answer to the issue seemed to be that I needed to remove a file from my 'Apple' program that should be found in my Program file. When I check my Program file, there is no Apple folder. This leads me to believe that iTunes was never installed correctly on my PC in the first place - thus the issues. I am going to try to remove and reinstall iTunes but, it does say that I should also remove Apple Software Update (which is not in my program files but, rather my Program Files (x86) , Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Application Support 32-bit and Apple Application support 64-bit. None of these software components are showing up in my Program files and I do have the hidden icons checked off. I found iTunes and two instances of Bonjour (in both the Program files and Program Files (x86). Is is safe to proceeed with these missing files?