I've tried everything but my PC is still running slow

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Jun 15, 2017
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  1. So as of recently my computer has been having a huge issue, well, not enough to call it huge, but it's been around long enough to be really annoying and render a lot of functions on my PC Useless. Now, I'm pretty avid on keeping my computer up to date, defragging the system, updating my drivers, cleaning my PC, and all around taking care of everything I do on this thing. However as of about a month ago, things have been running really slow, Windows Aero effects for browsers and other applications move like molasses. Slow enough to where I can see every frame in a 2 second period of one tab opening, when it's only supposed to take a fraction of a second. My games are running extremely slow and to top it off loading my computer screen after boot up takes about a solid minute before all applications popped up.

    *When the issue first occurred, naturally I assumed it was a ram issue. However when I ran my Task Manager, I had over 50% of my ram not in use, meaning I had more than enough to run everything as fast as it should be running. Or at least that's what I've always made out of my Ram being like that, if I'm wrong and this means I have bad ram atm, let me know and I'll buy a new chip. This right here is the picture:[​IMG]

    *Now, the next logical idea was hmm, maybe my computer is running slow because I'm using a lot of hard drive memory. Completely reasonable, as I had about 750/931 gigs used up. So I went into my PC, cleared a lot of junk files, defragged, uninstalled things I didn't use anymore, cleared a lot of caches, and dropped my original 750/931 to:
    I restarted my PC, and nothing happened, everything was still running slow and causing issues.

    *My next thought was that maybe I had a virus, after all this never happens, so I ran Norton. Now, while Norton can be really annoying at times, no one can deny the destruction this thing can bestow upon Virus. It get's to the point where if it detects any file that doesn't look even 100% secure, it deletes it. So I ran Norton's Power Eraser, which was its strongest PC virus checker, and it still came up with no results. Not even folders or downloads that didn't look legit, my PC was 100% secure. I was still skeptical that I had a virus anyways, as this isn't how a virus usually acts.

    *Maybe it's my Java Version and my Video card, so I went out to update them and saw that surprisingly the both needed to be updated. That had to of been the issue right? Nah, updated them both and nothing changed.

    That brings us here, I am completely lost in terms of what to do in this situation. So if anyone has a clue, here are my computer Specs:

    My video card is *Asus 4g Geforce GTX 1050 Ti
    This is my Score:
  2. learninmypc

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    I'm guessing its a W10, if so, IMO only, no need to defrag, it does a very good job of it itsself. Otherwise, no clue.
  3. Cycloid Torus

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    What is theoretical performance? How does that compare to your actual? Experience Index is a poor guide.

    Get into details. Is it too many programs? thermally throttled CPU? out of date drivers? a hidden trojan? a pulsating mass of PUPs?
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  4. entrycoupling

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  5. 3nigmatic

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    I suspect its the HDD
  6. jobeard

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    AMEN! Reason#4 is typically the culprit - - all those phone-home update services are 99% of the time totally unnecessary but have massive effects especially just after booting. Personally, I disable(actually mark them as Manual Start) these that are shown in Services as their applications can be updated on demand by you.

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