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Dec 30, 2005
  1. Hey,

    I'm looking for a good Java compiler. I dont want anything too complicated as I'm new to Java and still learning. Can anyone recommend something with a good and easy to use interface?

    Many thanks
  2. Nodsu

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    All the compilers are the same and no one is "simpler" than the other. Some compilers are more compatible or less picky though.

    Development interfaces are another matter..

    If you are still learning Java, then the best for you would be to stick with a text editor and command line programs. I know you won't listen to me though - we all want to make pretty GUI applications right away and skip the real programming part in favour of dragging and dropping buttons :p

    Java development interfaces..

    The NetBeans IDE comes free with the official Sun Java Development Kit. It is a mature and complete product and definitely most compatible since, well Java is a Sun product.

    Eclipse is all the rage in software development. It's a free development framework for any programming language. You can download and install only the bits that are needed for Java.

    Borland JBuilder. A shiny new version just came out. The thing is not free though (there is a trial version).
  3. AKirru

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    Many thanks for your very informative reply (this has helped immensely) :grinthumb

  4. r_chowdhury

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    I use Netbeans 4.0. I have also used Eclipse, Websphere and Weblogic. As you are new, I would suggest you to use Netbeans. Its free and Sun Microsystem recomens it. When you shall move to serverside programming, Netbeans holds the much more interportability than Eclipse. Netbeans can be used with Tomcat and most importantly Sun Java Application Server.

    So go to and download the dual package of JDK+Netbeans.
  5. jobeard

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    fyi: JDK :- Java Development Kit. Sunmicro is the official source/owner of Java
    and they have everything you need.

    Eclipse is a development workbench; it wraps the compiler and debugger with a
    gui interface for writing, compiling, maintaining, and debugging Java programs.

    You will need, sooner or later, CVS; Concurrent Versioning System to control
    the updates to your sources - look for OpenSources tools whenever possible.
  6. jobeard

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    forgot to mention;

    Netbeans is a library of pre-written support code that implements a software
    architecture - - there are *many* libraries and competing architectures,
    such as JSP. Each has its own pro/cons, so until you know the reason for
    choosing one over the other, ignore them all and just write pure Java code :)
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