Jpeg File "No preview available"

By WeWillSee
Sep 29, 2005
  1. My Problem: Jpeg File "No preview available"

    I had this problem a couple of years back and just put it down to my
    own mistake. I did search the net for an answer but never found anything
    that helped.

    But yesterday I lost some jpeg files that I was in the process of backing up
    to CD. I was in "My Pictures" and click on about 5 folders of pictures to copy
    to CD. During this process I found my DVD/CD drive was not working
    properly so I deleted the files in the temp folder that were ready to
    copy across.

    And now I can no longer veiw them.
    The file size is still the same but just can't see them.

    After searching the net for an answer I have come across many others
    with this problem. But no solution.

    People have done different things to their jpeg files but something has
    changed them. And the ones with this problem have the same thing wrong
    in the end. "No preview available" on our Jpeg files.

    "Explorer shows no preview in preview mode, i get "No preview available"

    - Windows picture and fax viewer - the same "No preview available"

    - Other programs say something along the lines of "Cannot read from file" or "File contains errors"

    I have copied just two examples of this problem from this forum. I am sure someone, somewhere knows what to do about this, so please if u have any ideas

  2. Neko

    Neko TS Rookie

    I get that too, it doesn't really bother me though. Usually if you start the preview from a BMP file, and press the button for next picture, it continues on through and previews the JPG files. Works for me since I have alot more BMP files then JPG files. ( That's not always really good... Running low on disk space. :/ )
  3. WeWillSee

    WeWillSee TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Still hoping someone will see this post and have an answer.

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