JPEG images will not open - Invalid header?

By ralphieg
Oct 23, 2009
  1. Brief description (first post)...EVER!

    Fall 2007 I was on my way to college, had to replace the harddrive in my laptop that I previously had. It had a DVD burner so I backed up important images to myself on the DVD. I forgot I had the DVD so ever since 2007 i've been trying to get images off this mangled harddrive, and it hasn't worked.. I recently found the DVD and have been estatic.. UNTIL I found that half the pictures will open half of them won't. I've searched the internet high and low and i'm on my wits ends about the whole thing, these pictures are family photos and pictures of myself and fiance that I have no hardcopy of. these pictures was took on several different cameras some downloaded on the internet. Like I said half work, half don't.. BUT another piece of information they retain the original file name and how big they are, they still take up space..

    Method's i've tried so far
    Several JPEG corruption fixers such as JPEGsnoop PIXFINDER etc.
    I opened up a hex editor and didn't know what it meant I brought up a working and non working picture the non working picture showed alot of F's and alot of taglines such as "/system/shell.32" crap like that.. but thats after I ripped them to the computer.. I can't open them in hex editor from the DVD.

    Please i'm looking for good news.. someone have good news for me even if the pictures turned out to look like hell.. as long as I had them and could say i've put forth as much exfort as possible I would accept that.. I really want them though..

    Thank you
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  3. ralphieg

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    Thanks for the reply
    I've used unstoppable copier to rip the actual files to the computer that's the only way I could open them in the hex editor if they was on the computer. Some programs I open it with say "image headers corrupted error 1004"

    again thanks! hope theres a cure
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