Jpg has thumbnail but will not open (looking to repair)

By mike12da
Jun 15, 2006
  1. While trying to do a repair installation of XP pro, I managed to mess up the boot information pretty bad for hard drive #1. Was not able to repair so I did a new installation on a new hard drive (#2).

    Once new windows installation was loaded, 2 of the 3 partitions on HD#1 would not show up, and were marked as unallocated space. In another topic in this forum someone recommended GetDataBackNTFS, with which I was able to recover all data from both missing partitions and copy them to HD#2.

    But most of those files are corrupt. Some MP3s sound like they were put through a blender... I'll play an mp3 and it will be a collection of short snips of random mp3s from all over my computer, very strange.

    So I had lots of photos on one of the missing partitions. Copied them over. Most of them have thumbnails, but when I try to open them with the regular windows image viewer it says No Preview Available, and I cannot load them in Photoshop either.

    So, am I out of luck? Are these images done for? Or is it something simple in the file that can be fixed? I've gone through several repair programs, and none have helped at all.

    Here is an example jpg.
    It has a thumbnail (well it did on my home computer, but there's no thumbnail showing up here on my work computer), but cannot open. Sorry if this question is a pain in the ****, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    And aside from the jpgs, there are some important PSD files that are corrupt as well that I'd really like to fix. Thanks.
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    I've tried it an maybe 6 or 7 others. No go. Thanks for the suggestion though. I'm thinking it might have to be done manually through hex editing perhaps, which I know nothing about.
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