Just installed PC probe. Please help with alert !!!

By Musicalls
Mar 12, 2005
  1. Hi all, Ive just joined up.

    Ive also just installed PC probe V 2.19.00 after looking for monitoring software, I found there was a utility to monitor motherboard temps, fans, CPUs etc. on the Asus Disk that came with my Mobo. :eek: I'd been looking at MBM but found there was a bit of incompatibility with my system so I backed out.

    Not knowing very much about this aspect of computers I ventured into installing PC probe rather gingerly. I changed nothing at all as far as I know, but here is the problem.

    After the program came up I generally scouted around (still changing nothing) and came to the "monitoring summary" screen. Everything in the list was enabled (for monitoring, I take it) and the status' were all OK except for the Chassis Fan. That wasnt enabled and when I enabled it, it flashed a warning "Chassis fan below threshhold!!!" Not knowing what to make of this, I popped the cover (for the 1st time and wearing an antistatic strap) and booted up. All the fans seemed to be working OK AFAIK. Ive been to the Asus site but part of their Support area is down for maintainance. Could this be because I have an older version or is it something else more sinister that Im not understanding....

    also, when I installed off the disk, there was a warning on one of the screens which said..."Warning, the CPU setting is not provided by the CPU. The CPU setting is the result of your jumper settings. See 'CPU type' for actual CPU info"

    Would installing PC probe have changed any default settings?

    Would very much appreciate any help/suggestions as Im pretty green in this area, but keen to learn.
    Thanks, Musicalls.

    Heres my setup which is just under 2yrs old.

    XP Pro
    Asus P4PE Mobo
    360W Thermaltake PSU
    Hyenna midtower
    P4 2.4Ghz proc
    80gig seag HDD
    nVidia GeForce4 MX440 AGP8x 64MB
    Asus CD-RW 52x24x52
    Floppy drive
  2. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    Not to worry it wont pick it up with a Asus board .. This one and SISdoftware have a problem with that for some reason.. If you fan is working dont worry about it..
  3. Dcrewchief

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    I dont know about pc probe but i do know that if mbm5 isnt configured properly then problems can occur.
    i have a msi K7N2 Delta 2 Platinum board and it came bundled with some software that will monitor temps and fans called Core Center.
    with core center running i installed mbm5 and got all kinds of warnings until i got mbm5 configured then both programs were repoting the same temps and fan speeds.
    by chance do you have everest home edition on your pc? if you do then i would say that its a pretty good chance that is the culprit causing the problems. when i put everest on my pc the other 2 monitoring programs showed the fan speeds below threshold and started sounding alarms. once i uninstalled everest and rebooted then everything was fine again. :wave:
  4. Musicalls

    Musicalls TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 20

    Thanks guys for your replies.

    After some hard core surfing and googling I learnt quite a bit. It looks like the Asus software can be dodgy from what Ive seen on a lot posts. :suspiciou I still have MBM but not installed. Like firewalls, I guess you dont want two of the same type of software running and competeing.

    Think I'll uninstall PC Probe though. Ive also been digging in the Mobo manual and looking at the BIOS settings for hardware monitoring and interestingly it says Chassis Fan speed N/A. This being the case I cant work out why, when I hover the mouse over the tray icon Im not getting a "your PC is OK" which the manual says I should get. :confused: Anyway Im going to do a bit of a test just out of interest, and look in the Bios after Ive had the system under load (running the super V8s should be adequate for achieving this I would think), plus Ill do an idle test as well.

    Cheers, Musicalls
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