K8WE mboard died I think - replacement?

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I have a workstation ot home with a tyan thunder K8WE, 2xopteron 280s and a 9800GTX+.

It will not turn on; I have replaced the plug fuse, reseated all connections and memory. After replacing the fuse the light on the front of the case lights up but nothing else happens.

Going to test with a nex PSU tomorrow but I suspect the board is dead.

2 questions really - anything else I can try to get it going? And second, what would be a good replacement board if ti comes to that? It must have 2xsockets for 940 cpus and be PCI. Hopefully not too expensive and be available to buy in the UK, or be able to be shipped.

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Do you live in a humid climate... some of the circuits rust out.
Also, look at the capacitors (shaped like little barrels, and can be as few as 4 or as many as 18 on a board... Look for puffy tops, bulging sides, and brown or rust colored powder leaking from them or on the board near them. Sure sign the board has died.

Also look at the secondary chip (almost as large as the cpu chip) it rests a few inches from the CPU... there are four arms or legs coming out of that housing down into motherboard holes extending out from the corners. If any of those four legs is loose or has pulled out, the board is dead.

You won't find a lot of choice for a replacement board, but the ones still around are good.
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