Kaspersky Internet Security 7

By adam111291
Jul 8, 2008
  1. I have recently installed Kaspersky Internet Security 7. Since installation my pc is really slow. Is there any way I can speed it up or is it something caused by Kaspersky.
    Any ideas would be appreciated
  2. Bobbye

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    Any security suite comes with extra baggage- more so than if the individual parts were installed as free-standing programs. You do have some choices in Kaspersky:

    The antivirus scans files on access, on demand, or on schedule: You can schedule scans at any interval, from minutes to months. Four types of on-demand scanning are preconfigured, from a full scan of the entire computer down to a rootkit-only scan. You can adjust the configuration of the built-in scans or add and schedule your own custom scan types.

    If the program is scanning every time you start up, this will slow you down. So set that to the best for your habits. Firewall's program control is turned off by default. I'm not sure what that comment means. Does it mean you can't allow some programs to access without an alert? This is something you should check out.

    A review of the suite states this: "Full protection requires numerous changes from default configuration. Spam protection is unimpressive". In view of that, it seems it installs with the ability to configure. And if the spam feature leaves a lot to desire, i would disable it.
  3. raybay

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    Kaspersky is one of the better programs, with few issues that slow things down.
    What does interfer is when you have multiple programs.
    If you use Kaspersky, uninstall all other antivirus programs.
    Then have only two antispyware programs, such as Adaware 2008, MalwareBytes, or SuperAntispyware, Windows Defender, Malicous Software Tool, etc. but not more than three. One anitvirus, and two spyware programs, properly selected, should not slow you down, and should give you the protection you need.
    We have found we prefer to pay for Spyware Doctor 5.5 or Webroot's antispyware, rather than use a bunch of free ones that change frequently as they experiment with us.
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