Kazaa, Verizon Propose Compulsory Music Licensing

By Phantasm66
May 16, 2002
  1. Imagine all you had to do was pay a small fee every month, say about $1, and you could download all of those mp3s, movies, and all that legally and legitimately...??? Well, read on....

    Personally, I am in favour of anything that destroys the RIAA and all that it stands for. Its time this evil organisation with its outdated concepts was ousted away and something better put in its place.

    I am a big fan and advocate of peer to peer file sharing technology. I believe that it constitutes the future of entertainment in the home. Its time that artists got more closely involved, and its time that middlemen produce-nothing-gain-everything symbols of greed and capitalism like the RIAA made way for what's really important here, art and entertainment.

    The concepts of "art" and of "entertainment" predate capitalism, and even the concept of money itself. Art and entertainment have become about money. That's not going to change overnight. But what can, should and will ultimately change is how that art and entertainment is distributed and how its paid for and collected. In this age of digital media and broadband internet, the old models to which the RIAA subscribe do not apply any more, and are outdated. Its time that that changed....

    You can bet your bottom dollar that I'd pay £1 a month if I thought that no one would ever stand in my way again of downloading the mp3s I want, the movies and TV eps I want.... And if I thought that that £1 was going to the artists and production houses themselves.
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    Hehe... I had a similar idea a little while ago, but that was more voluntary and for tv series... The idea was to be able to pay a sum, of your own choosing, to the company producing the series as thanks, since we're downloading the series without commercials...

    If the system Phantasm66 talks about gets implemented, you can be sure I'll be one of the first to sign up!

    I try to do something similar now, but it doesn't quite work...
    I listen to music all day, but there is very few cd's which has only songs I like... So I download the songs I want, then go buy a cd as my "payment" to the artist... Why should some producer or other decide what music I'll get on my cd?
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