Keep your devices powered with the Speedy 50W 5-Port USB Charger

  1. Mobile devices are now essentials in everyday life, which makes it all the more important we have reliable charging solutions to keep them powered. The Speedy 50W 5-Port USB Charger ($21.99 in the TechSpot Store) provides a ready answer for your charging concerns, while cutting down on the clutter and maintenance of the growing number of devices we use regularly.

    This light and compact charger allows for up to 5 devices to be simultaneously plugged in and powering up, each regulated for a maximized charging experience. All 5 ports assess the device specs of your smartphone, tablet or other portable tech, then deliver a charging speed calibrated to each device’s capacity and power needs.

    The Speedy’s aluminum frame slips easily on to any desktop, casting an unobtrusive, yet powerful profile in a workspace. Meanwhile, its 50 watts of power will keep your devices up and running at all times.

    Ditch the usual mountain of charging cords and stations, and streamline your operations down to one centralized charging hub with the Speedy 50W 5-Port USB Charger, now 26% off its usual price.

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