Key Configuration Problem

Hey folks, I've installed Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, but my right arrow key doesn't work and the stupid game doesn't have the reconfiguration option. I have tried a couple of remapping programs —Auto Hotkeys and Sharp Keys— to make the End button work as the right arrow key. While it works in other programs like MS Word, it doesn't work in this game. It also works in some games, but for some Harry Potter games you have to keep it for a long time to get a result, which makes playing them either excruciating or impossible. I don't want to buy a whole new keyboard just to play some stupid game, especially since remapping works beautifully in programs like Word. Can you think of any solution?


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Don`t blame your keyboard? I think that there are in-game problems.:'( If it works fine with other games or in soft wares like Word processing or Notepad? I shall try installing the game and check how to set controls....... Till then(y)