keyboard emmulator for X-Box 360 PC gamepad ??

By Griffon327
Jan 10, 2007
  1. Purchased an X-Box 360 game pad for use on the PC as I liked the feel of the new Game pads. However the ****Sticks from microshaft only included drivers with the game pad. Windows recognizes that the pad is there but unable to get any fucntion out of the turd in any of my games.

    I have owned microsoft game pads before and they always included a seperate program that lets you progrma the keys for any particular game and had preset configurations for a lot of popular games. I can go into windows and verify all the buttons work and calibrate the game pad but it absolutely does not work in any PC game.

    Anybody know of a freeware program for keyboard emmulation? I have had this pad for 6 months and all it does is collect dust.

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