Keyboard going crazy

I'm feeling dumb, I screwed up my keyboard and don't know how exactly I did it. This is my first laptop and I wanted to "print screen." I didn't know where the function key I started randomly hitting combinations of keys with the END/PRTSC button in hopes it would work. My thought was, "maybe something is different with this computer." Typing this is a chore because my page will randomly scroll, the curser jumps around, sometimes my pages close or other pages open. I'm thinking it is something simple but nothing I am aware of. It is NOT related to mouse sensitivity, believe me I tried that first. Could someone please help? Thanks. :)


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You might try taking out the keyboard and re-installing it, or replacing it entirely... Here's an example video:


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You may have a scroll bar on your laptop touch pad. If you open a web page, try moving sliding you finger up and down on the far right of the touch pad and see of the the page scrolls. If it does then you have scrolling enabled on the touch pad. Not all laptops have this capability, but many do. If yours works this way be careful to only use the right side of the touchpad for scrolling or disable it in the Control Panel under the Mouse applet or in the User Input Devices applet.

Knowing the manufacturer and model number of the laptop would be helpful. Also, which operating system.
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Thanks, I do have that scrolling feature...never knew that. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655. I have messed with mouse settings, it doesn't help, I tried that first. But I will look again at the scrolling options.