Keyboard keys not working

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Hey guys,

(Damn, Only I know how am I writing this post. It's so damn frustrating.)

Ok well here goes:

I was using a ps2 keyboard for a while now. But suddenly, certain keys stopped working.

I restarted, uninstalled the keyboard but to no avail.

I had a brand new usb keyboard lying with me, so I thought it's finally time to use it. But the same problem persisted though this time a different combination of keys not working.

I tried both the keyboard on a friend's PC and they both work like charm.

Now, I thought may be I should try windows repair, but I realized that the keyboard keys aren't even functioning in BIOS.

It's really irritating. I am having a feeling that this problem is mobo related (hence posting in this section).

I am currently using both keyboards to write this post, but yet there are few keys which aren't working on both. (so I actually have to copy/paste 'em from character map).

This whole thing is ridiculously painful. So please help. :(

Looking forward.

Thanks in advance! :)

I am using XP 64bit and XP pro (dual boot). Problem shows on both.

My mobo: Abit Ip35 pro


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Like I said, I was using a ps2 kb, but I also tried a brand new usb keyboard, both of which works fine on my friends PC.

I havn't ran Virus/malware scan since few weeks .. but shouldn't the keyboards work in BIOS? I mean I doubt a virus would be effective in BIOS screen.

Pls help. :(


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Pull the motherboards CMOS battery, and see if you can regain keyboard control... I'm using the Abit IP35Pro. This sounds like corrupt bios


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Tried pulling CMOS baterry back and forth. Didn't work. :(

Also tried reset (using the i/o panel switch). Didn't work either. :(

Is my mobo gone? How can I determine whether the BIOS is corrupt or no? Can I update BIOS? If yes, from where and how?

Help. :(


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We are seeing such a rash of these failures in keyboards and mice, that we have to assume the evildoers are at it again... perhaps a new infestation?
Do you have access to another, and clean, hard drive to see if a new operating system will allow the keyboard to work?


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so your the one who bought XP x 64 :), it looks like just about everything has been covered, i wonder if a cable got tripped over or pulled really hard breaking a ps2 and or usb connectors on your I/O panel from your mobo?


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I have a clean hard drive with XP installed and It doesn't work there too.

The thing is, like I said, if I use BOTH keyboards, then almost all keys are working. But individually both are missing many keys.

And like I said, keyboards work totally fine on other comps.

It's painful to write with both keyboards, I am sure even a gigantic piano would be easier to play than to find certain keys on these two keyboards. :(

Help!!!!!!!! :(

Help. :(


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I'll preface this with all the warnings about "know what you're-doing" and "at your own risk" but have you
>> Checked your m/b download site to look for each BIOS release and the release notes/fixes for each BIOS version? (to see if any sound like the might apply)
>> Consider reflashing the BIOS

One other (maybe obscure) thing comes to mind... but i think would only impact your keyboards when windows is running (vs. if you really see this problem in BIOS before windows starts). So.. if only fyi and to "throw it out there".. something else to at least be aware of something called "Keyboard class filter drivers".
> A keyboard class filter driver will be applied to each and every/all your keyboards (i.e. any device of Class=Keyboard)
> This means that a one single corrupt keyboard filter driver can corrupt your usage of all your keyboards
> Windows loves to hide things. and for some reason, it doesn't like to show you your filter drivers either (unless you know how to go looking for them)
> In Device Manager, rt click Properties for each of your keyboards, click the Details tab. Now use the Pulldown to look at Class Upper Filters and Class Lower Filters. (Be sure to look for the Class Upper/Lower Filters not the Device Filters

Then you'd need to Google the filter driver filename (e.g. kbdclass.sys) to see if it's from MS or someone like Logitech. Make sure any non-MS keyboard filters are uninstalled. Then re-try using only the PS-2 keyboard (without reinstalling any non-MS keyboard drivers)

/ *EDIT */
Ooops. fixed typo in original post which should be referencing Keyboard (not mouse) properties, of course


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I am missing the part over why you need these keyboards. They are so inexpensive, and practically free when they are used ones. Even a laptop keyboard averages $27 new and less than $10 US for used.
Perhaps one of us could find one or send you one.
For what device do you need the keyboard?


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5 months gone and I am still living with the problem :((

Guys please help me. I tried all that I could. I tried 2 new keyboards in the meantime, but still no luck.

What could be the problem?
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