Keyboard keys randomly stopped working

By mufasafied ยท 4 replies
Apr 4, 2009
  1. I woke up this morning and some of the keys on my keyboard have stopped working.

    Im nearly 100% sure it isnt a faulty keyboard but rather a virus or something that is remapping my keyboard. The keyboard has been working fine up until today when the f, y, m, and ' keys stopped working all at once. Nothing spilled on the keyboard.. nothing like that. Ive tried a system restore but it didnt solve anything.

    I tried to do some research on my own, but didnt find much.. one guy had the same problem, but I didnt see any concrete fixes.

    One thing that makes me think its a remapping problem is that when i hold down the f, m, y, and ' keys and hit x, the return is " \eqx ". Holding different combos of the keys that arent working yields different results, but results nonetheless, and since theres some sort of return when i hit the keys, i assume they still work but something on the computer happened. The other person who had this issue that I found gave me the idea of holding down the keys and hitting x, since he did it and had the same results.

    Is there a known virus that I may have? Any way to restore the key set/map to factory defaults? Anyone have any idea whats going on here?

  2. Tmagic650

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    So have you verified that you have no virus or other malware infections? Download and run free Malwarebytes, and see if it flags some malware
  3. Tekkaraiden

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    First thing to try would be to try another keyboard to rule out a defective keyboard. After that do what Tmagic650 suggests.
  4. mufasafied

    mufasafied TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I ran malwarebytes and AVG, both full scans. Nothing was detected by malwarebytes, but i had quite a few trojans found by AVG which were taken care of (i admit im not very good when it comes to scanning for trojans regulary.. altho i will from now on). After the scan I unplugged my keyboard and plugged it back in.. and that didnt work (what a surprise).

    Unfortunatly, i dont have a spare keyboard which i can try on this computer.. im going to buy a cheap one tomorrow and see if that works since i really dont know what else to do at this point.

    But the whole holding the letters down and hitting x and returning as \eqx is really strange to me and still makes me think something happened on my computer that i dont know about, since a dead keyboard wouldnt yield ANY results.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Is there any way I can test if my keyboard is the problem without getting a new one?
  5. Tekkaraiden

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    You could download a live CD version of Linux and run that and see how the keyboard works. A live cd version boots the operation system off the cd so I won't destroy your installation of windows.
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