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Keyboard limit error

By james_k1988
Jan 7, 2006
  1. I recently got a new keyboard, a logitech G15 Keyboard . Anyways When im playing my favourite fps game (medal of honor) i use very strange keys. I use the arrow keys to move around, an numpad key 1 and 2 to lean left and right (quite important leaning in this game, if you have never played it before).

    On most keybaords, when using the default keys (w a s d and z and c to lean left and right) you cannot run forward while strafeing to the left and lean left. Or more commonly you can do that but cannot jump while doing it. Well with my key arrangement you could, its what ive been using for 2 years so im very comfortable with it. But this keybaord is a gameing keyboard, so you can use alot of the keys on the "w"a"s"d" area and mine have been shunted :mad:

    I cannot run forward (up arrow key) strafe left (Left arrow key) and lean left (numpad 1) at the same time. Cant seem to press 3 keys over there, but i have always been able to on other keyboards. unfortinately i dont know if its beeping as i didnt bother to wire up the speaker thats inside the computer. The way the case is the wire wouldnt reach

    I know this is confuseing, its hard to explain without showing you but obviously i cant do that.

    But i was thinking. My board is a MSI xpress200 (MS-7093) and it has USB 2.0. Although it isnt enabled, i dont usually install any of the service packs but i understand that you have to , to get USB2.0 enabled. And as far as i know with usb2.0 more data gets transfered, and since its a usb keyboard i thought this may fix my problem. I wont be able to get the sp2 disc until monday but does anyone agree this may work? as it takes ages isntalling and dont wanna do it if im not going to get any use out it . But if it mgith work ill give it a try as i dont want to have to take ages adjusting to new keys lol :blackeye:

  2. JeremyS

    JeremyS TS Rookie

    This is a bit of an old thread, but I have the exact same problem. In CS I use num1 to walk, and I can't walk forward/stafeleft at the same time. I have SP2 installed and USB2, and it doesnt fix it..so, if you know of anyway to fix this, please tell. :)
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