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Apr 17, 2004
  1. Hi all, Wonder if anyone could help me. My keyboard is typing wrong. right side of the key board letters, are being typed as numbers. Using Win XP and Office 2000. Desperate to solve this problem. Can someone tell me how to find out what this is due to and how to rectify this.
    Many thanks in return.

  2. RealBlackStuff

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    In your international/regional settings in the control panel, check what language your keyboard is set up for.
  3. bakertime361

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    I also know someone who had a number lock that made half of their keyboard type numbers. See if you have a num lock key that applies to that.
  4. OS samurai

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    What type of keyboard do you have? When did you first notice this problem? Have you installed any new software recently? Have you ran a virus check with updated various defs or an adware program to check for any millious sp? Programs? Does this happen if you attempt to type something an application like note pad? Or does this just happen in office
  5. poertner_1274

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    Is your computer a laptop? They usually have the numberpad as the right side keys. Try hitting the numlock as bakertime said. Should get rid of the problem.
  6. andrewprimary

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    I had to post on this because I just had this problem and fixed it. Numlock is correct. But on my laptop I had to hold down FN (function) and then press numlock.
  7. Masque

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    Re: keyboard

    Correct, and a little different on other brands. IBM combo is Shift/Numlock.
  8. Goalie

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    On some laptops it's a "double click" of the key- My Toshiba does a doubleclick to lock the FN key for numpad work. Single pressing afterwards usually undoes it.
  9. rajivkohli

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    You guys are great!!!

    For now, I am sure that there is no perfect in Computer. I was thinking that I know many basic things about computer software and hardware and today one of my friends come up with the same problem. Right side of keyboard was printing numbers. I was humbling with Regional and Languages Settings and even keyboard drivers.

    In last, I made a Google search and found this page. Just a single click was making all this mess.

    However, I am not too good with laptops but still amazed that a single Num key can cause this problem.

    Thanks for helping me too.
  10. animemanga

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    having problems with keyboard

    i accidently held down the shift key for eight seconds a msg popped up asking if i wanted filterkeys. i said no. however after the msg was closed my numbers are not working i tried over and over to put on the numlock but it wont make a difference> anyone knows how to get my default settings back.
  11. rajivkohli

    rajivkohli TS Rookie

    Give it a try:

    1. Click Start - Control Panel - open Accessibility Options.
    2. Make a check mark on "Filter Key" click Apply. Then uncheck and click Apply. Make sure no other option is checked as well.

    Let us know!
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