Kindle Fire HD 8.9" launches overseas, price cut $30-$100 in the US


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Amazon has announced that folks in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Japan can now purchase the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD, with prices starting at £229.00, €269 and ¥15,800. At the same time, the company says consumers in the...

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Thought about getting one until their recent commercial. Gross
I do no care about commercials, thinking getting it for my kid, for me an Android closer to the after summer launch of the tables, and later sure an Ubuntu tablet and phone.


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Thought about getting one until their recent commercial. Gross
Seriously. Regardless of your views of the issue, its really stupid of amazon to bring up a controversial issue in a commercial. Said the same thing about chick fil a a few months ago. Businesses unrelated to the issues at hand should not publicly broadcast their opinion on that matter. Seriously considering my relationship with amazon because of that.


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269 euro... fing Europe getting the short end of the stick again. It's one thing to have regional prices, it's another to have regional prices that just are stupidly different for no apparent reason.