King's Field Retrospective: Exploring the Roots of Elden Ring and Dark Souls


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I have to admit that Soulsborne games forever spoiled my view of not only skill based action-RPGs, but all RPG games in general. Maybe even all games, period.

There are many game or genres of games that I used to play when I was younger, but can't play them anymore today and it's because I don't consider them as fun as a Soulsborne game (clones and spin-offs included) - so those are waste of time for me, when I could have more fun with a Soulborne game. 1st/3rd person Shooters and RTS are the main casualty of this, sadly - I don't like them anymore (with just 1 or 2 rare exceptions).

That being said, I'm curious if Elden Ring will dethrone Bloodborne as my no.1 favorite of the genre.


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I enjoyed both Kingsfield 1 & 2 when they came out. Shame that series never took off like elder scrolls since they share some similarity in play style and worlds.


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Kingsfield is was got me hooked on RPG'S back in the nineties, I didn't even buy the game, I just kept renting it from blockbuster for my play station over and over again. So when the Elder Scrolls came out I was an instant fan. I always wondered why that game just went away. I'll have to try the Elden Ring or Bloodborne.


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I do enjoy soulslike games. But one thing that disappoints me is that, despite the gameplay structure being suitable for almost any setting and theme you could imagine, very few dare to break from the medieval fantasy setting, which in my opinion has grown stale and tiresome. It's one of the main reasons I loved The Surge and Sekiro.

I'm still waiting for a soulslike in a 1990's beat'em-up setting inspired by games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage (Final Fight Streetwise is the closest we had from this). And, how about a soulslike set in the W40K universe?