Know any good techno albums?

  1. I often try to expand my library of techno and electronica albums. I love the instrumental stuff. I have Autechre's first three cds, everything from Kraftwerk, Oval's Ovalprocess and 94 Diskont, several from New Order, LFO's Frequencies, Plaid's Not for Threes, The Future Sound of London's Lifeforms and Dead Cities, Aphex Twin's Ambient Works, Brian Eno's Music for Airports and Apollo, Perfecto Presents Sandra Collins, Mouse on Mars Autoditacker and Tahiti, three cds from the Orb, filve cds from Orbital including the Brown Album, Sneaker Pimp's Becoming X, and I've got Gary Numan's Pleasure Principle on order.

    Anyone know of other good techno and electronica albums?

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