Kodak 8100 printer driver?

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Jul 12, 2005
  1. I am looking for a printer driver for a kodak 8100 dye sub printer .I have looked on kodaks website and around the net and can't seem to find one anywhere.This is a printer that came out of a picture kiosk and I wanted to hook it up to my computer running xp.Any help would be great.
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    The Kodak DryView 8100 Laser Imager does not use typical PC driver interface. The 8100 comes with various interfaces but none of them run on Windows. For example: MEM25, its like a small computer built into the back of the 8100. Its about three times as big as a laptop and is a stand alone computer for the system. Medical Imaging Manager, is an external digital CPU, something like a PC but with specially designed software for this system only. Where did you get something like that? Those printers cost about $74,000 new. If all the interface equipment was included, you could probably get about $5,000 to $25,000 dollars for it, depending on which upgrades are built in. The Machines leased or sold to hospitals are the more expensive ones, including all accessories it would sell, new, for over $90,000.
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    I was also hunting for these drivers and did not find them but did find an ebay listing for a kodak 8660. I found a few service manuals for the 8660 which also lists the 8100 for the same repair techniques, so maybe the drivers listed work with the 8100. http://cgi1.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=140150868248&Category=15222

    My Kodak Photo Printer 8100 came from an old Walgreens photo dock left out for trash. I have the computer that reads disks and just a few types of storage cards as well to run the printer...If the printer would turn on. The first night I recieved the printer it turned on fine...after that first time, though, the whole machine seems dead. I've hunted around inside for signs of cut wires or soemthing but theres no signs of damage.

    The printer and computer came with three rolls of thermal ink and 2 huge packs of printing paper so it would be nice to have as a hobby printer.

    Any suggestions to get the printer to turn on?
  4. looknhelpless

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    Kodak 8100 printer parts

    SilverKnight131 do you still have the non-functioning kodak 8100 photo printer? If so, I might be interested in it for the right price. I have one that is need of a replacement circuit board and maybe yours might fix mine. Possibly just interested in some of the parts (if your willing to disassemble) to save on shipping costs.
    Thanks looknhelpless
  5. silverknight131

    silverknight131 TS Rookie

    Yes I still have the printer and extra ink etc. You must have one if you know how heavy the whole machine is! The circuit board seems to function because there are a few red lights that illuminate when I manually rotate the rollers. It will not power on anymore, though, possibly because the power supply is dead.

    I would be glad to dismantle some pieces if they will get your printer working. Just let me know what you are looking for.

    Can I ask where you got yours?
  6. looknhelpless

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    silverknight... I'm interested in some of the circuit boards, the rolls of ink ribbon and the paper. I'll have to open up my printer to get the correct board info and instructions were to find and remove it. We can discuss price after I've given you some ideal of time it may take.
    I have a complete Kodak Picture Maker setup with touch screen and scranner. I got it from a closed Kmart's store that was going through liquidation. I respond back in a day or so...Thanks for replying.
  7. looknhelpless

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    silverknight...I'll be contacting you through a private message.
  8. looknhelpless

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    silverknight...I was sent a message from tech support and they told me not to conduct business transactions throught the postings.
  9. looknhelpless

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    silverknight...If you don't recieve a private message from me, please send one back to me and also respond here so I'll know we're in contact.
  10. lulub

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    kodak 8100

    I also have a 8100 printer and computer from a wallgreens. It worked great then one day I turned it off and it will not come back on. We checked the power and it is getting it but will not turn on. Any thoughts on it?
  11. lulub

    lulub TS Rookie

    kodak 8100

    does anyone know if the kodak 8100 printer has a fuse or something in it? Mine just quit working but we metered it and the plug is receiving power but it is not turning on?
  12. loverdoman

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    kodak 8100 photo printer

    i just wanna ask if any body has find the driver for the kodak 8100 i have the complet system ( printer , ps4 scanner , ps4 cpu ) but i dont use it , and it seem every thing is working i tryed the ps4 cpu and scanner the printer seem working but i dont have any idea about the paper or ink ,
    plz if any body have some information about that or need that i can sell it for reasonable price
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