KOTOR II Graphics (card?) problem

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Mar 12, 2010
  1. I have a major graphics problem when playing KOTOR II. Almost all the display is replaced with giant blinking spikes of solid colour. I have a Radeon X1550 (with the latest driver), which is unrecognized in the game's hardware scan. My computer is good enough this game easily, I used to be able to play it before I changed my graphics card. No graphics settings or resolution seem to change what happens. I have a feeling it's simply the card, but I'm not sure what to do about it. Anyone know of anything I could try? Thanks in advance,
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    It might be the driver. You say it has the latest driver but could you clarify that? The most recent drivers from ATI no longer support your card. The latest Catalyst driver that supported it was 9.3 I believe. If you haven't already, try that one.
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    Device manager says I have driver version 8.593.100.00 and the driver date is yesterday. I clicked on update, but it says it's the newest. It shouldn't matter but I don't have the catalyst control center installed. I remember trying to install it a while ago, the last time I formatted, but it claims I don't have microsoft .net framework 2.0. I have XP Home with SP 3.
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    I uninstalled the driver I had and installed the new one, so it now shows 8.591 as my driver. Unfortunately, the problem in the game remains.

    The problem is strange, specifically: On launching the menu looks fine, it's the characters which do not show up. There's just smoke and no characters in the 6 boxes for character choice (occasionally some severed heads) and there are spiky polygons blinking in and out of existence. If I go ahead and start, the menus work fine again, but the environment is nothing but massive stretched polygons. It gets worse the longer I leave it.

    Edit: In searching the internet for a solution I found people who had this exact problem with the older Radeon 9XXX series, if it helps.
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    Since it played fine before with another card, try uninstalling the game and reinstalling it and install any game patches.
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