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Dec 16, 2002
  1. I have been playing CS/TFC/DOD for a little over a year now adn havent noticed this before. What is happening is when I am in a room or next to a wall I get lag, I move the mouse and it takes a sec to respond. I mainly have this prob in DOD but sometimes in TFC it happens too if there are a lot of "decals" from nades rockets etc... Is there any tweaking guide for DOD? I hve done a search and not found anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Are you using a wireless mouse, as I have found them not very good for online gamine and intense situations.

    Also, please post some system specs, drivers for vid card, etc. This will help us be able to determine a possible problem.
  3. FiremanDan

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    Okie Dokie. Well after reading your thread poertner, I thought well maybe I should update. I usually update all drivers once a month. Well the driver that I had was 29.42_winxp, the driver that I updated to is 41.09_win2kxp. Well now I have bigger problems, hehe. Now I can see through walls (might be nice for a cheater) and the sky is red and black and everything flashes. So now I have a bigger problem lol. :eek:

    ASUS A7A266 MB
    AMD 1G Thunderbird
    512 mb DDR Micron
    Win XP Pro
    Creative Gamer Live!
    and cdrw and dvd

    Cant think of anything else that would be pertinent.
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    The video card? The operating system? ;)

    Depending on the video card you have you might be better sticking to older detonators. Geforce2 work better with 2x.xx detonators. The later ones mainly give performance boosts to the GF3 and GF4 series of cards. Also when changing drivers (for 98SE and ME anyway) you should try the detonator destroyer application available at When you do an uninstall of detonators the process doesn't remove all of the files. I have had some very strange driver behaviour that can be put down to have a mix of files from the previous driver with the new one.
  5. FiremanDan

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    OOPS hehe forgot the vid card the OS is Win XP Pro. I have a invidia geforce2 mx400 64mb. I got that NVmax from the forum and it has helped a little, but still laggy in a room and next to walls. I think that covers it. Ill try the detonator stuff. Thanks
  6. FiremanDan

    FiremanDan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I seem to have fixed my probs. I got NVmax and tweaked my shotty vid card and it is working a lot better. I appreciate your help. This thread can be removed if ya want. Thanks all, and Merry Christmas.

    P.S.: Please be careful these holidays when cooking, cuz most house fires start from peeps cooking.

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