LAN hosted server problems

By Denotras
Oct 30, 2016
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  1. So, recently I have put my old computer to use and use it for server hosting for the public and my friends things such as Teamspeak, Minecraft, ARK, ect. Servers and they all work fine except for one thing when I'm on any of these servers on my gaming PC randomly I will disconnect from the server (this is only me that disconnects everyone else on the server is fine) and then I won't be able to connect to the server for a few minutes or so, and this happens every 10-20 minutes and it's extremely frustrating. PS. When this internet outage sort of happens the internet on my gaming PC is connected to the internet fine and everything works and the other hand the hosting PC's internet will not work(What is weird about this is the fact that if I have a live stream going on the host PC and the internet shortage happens the livestream will keep on going like the internet is fine) on top of this the internet still says that it is connected. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks a lot.
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    IF I am reading this correctly... Your PC connects to a say ARK server locally, like: then you have port forwarding in your router to forward to the local IP of the server. Then your friends connect via your WAN IP:then a port number. keep in mind, usually (not always) you have to connect to the LOCAL ip, not the WAN ip because you are on the same LAN as the server. Also make sure that the ip of the server is static, not DHCP. Try or confirm these settings & post back. Hope this helps!

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