LAN problem

By littleb71
Jan 26, 2006
  1. Hi everyone.

    I have a VIA VT6105 Rhine III Fast Ethenet adapter connected through a Cisco 837 broadband router.
    I get a message showing that I am connected at 100Mpbs but I can't see any other PC's on the network and in IE I get the message 'unable to find host'.
    I have no anti virus programs running or firewalls enabled and i've tried ipconfig/release - renew but it doesn't make any difference.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  2. FireDoc

    FireDoc TS Rookie


    Ain't networking fun.

    Need some info from you about your PC's, NIC's and router. Can all the computer access the internet through the router?

    Check the following:

    Are the PC's static or DHCP? If static, is the router configured to accept that IP address. All PC's must use a different IP address within the routers configuration parameters.

    Does the router recognize the PC's by it connection LED's. And does each PC's NIC LED's (if they have them) recognize connection to the router.

    IF THE PC'S SEE THE ROUTER... disconnection the modem to turn off the internet at the router. This keeps you safe and does not complicate issues if something nasty comes into your system.

    Network Name the same on each PC? The MSHOME or WORKGROUP thing.

    If using wireless - turn off all afterburner and speed enhancers. For now turn off WEP/WPA/MAC addressing and the such, also.

    Turn off windows firewall.

    Did you set File and Print Sharing to enable on each PC.

    Are all computers using the same protocol? TCP/IP or IPX/SPX. NetBIOS/NetBeui.

    Did you share a drive on each computer?

    Did you allow sharing of a printer in that printers properties?

    Go through this stuff - if you still have problems - let me know - there's lots more solutions.

  3. acoroian

    acoroian TS Rookie

    do ipconfig /all and post that information here also that can be helpful.
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