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Jan 1, 2005
  1. i'm have 2 PC i'm only using a lan to lan connection. it says that the connection are connected but the 2 pc can't see each other.

    ip: 192.168..0.1
    workgroup: workgroup

    ip: 192.168..0.2
    workgroup: workgroup
  2. negroplasty

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    Make sure that you have some files that are being shared over the network, try to run a windows search for computers. If you still can't get the machines to communicate, I will need to know what operating systems you are running. But hopefully searching for the computer will work if you have everything connected properly and settings adjusted as said above. Good luck.
  3. MrDJ009

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    File and print sharing

    You'll have to do the following on each computer in your network:

    • Make sure Windows "file and print sharing for Microsoft networks" is enabled on both computers.

    • Make sure each computer has a unique name. In your example this might be pc1 and pc2. The workgroup names must also be the same on each computers.

    • Specify which drives or folders you want shared on each computer. This is done via Windows Explorer. Right click on a drive letter, or any folder, and you will see an option called "sharing". Assign a unique name to each shared drive or folder. For example, if you want your C: drives on each computer to be shared, you might give them the names pc1_c_drive and pc2_c_drive.

    • The next step in this dance is to map a new drive letter on each PC to each shared resource on the other PC. There are a couple of ways to do this but the simplest is to use Windows Explorer.

    1. Find "My Network Places", or "Network Neighborhood" below the drive letters.
    2. Drill down here: My Network Places --> Entire Network --> workgroup --> pc2 --> pc2_c_drive.
    3. Right click on the shared name and choose "map network drive". You'll get a pop-up to assign a drive letter. Pick a letter and check the box "reconnect at logon".

    I'm out of breath but you're done.
  4. hit0kiri_03

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    i'm using both winXP prof.
    but can you also teach me if i'm using different OS like XP and Me
    or XP and 98 :)
    even if i search them, i can't find the name of my computer
    if pc1 is looking for pc2 but when pc1 is looking for pc1 i can see it
    and they have unique names and also i'm sharing some files...
  5. MrDJ009

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    On all earlier versions of MS operating systems you assign names and workgroups by right clicking on Network Neighborhood (Win95 & Win98) or My Network Place (WinMe). Your computers name and workgroup will be under the Identification tab. Under WinXP you do the same by right clicking My Computer , choose “properties”, then the “Computer name” tab, then “change”.

    Also, for Win98 and ME, under the Configuration tab of My Network Places you should make sure you have an item called "File and printer sharing for Microsoft networks". If it’s missing click “add”, then choose “service”, then “Microsoft”. A third tab, “Access Control”, will also have to be properly set to “share-level access control”.

    If you use a firewall it could be blocking your computer(s) from seeing the shared resources. Each firewall is slightly different so their control protocols vary. For example, I use ZoneAlarm and its “Trusted Zone” security needed to be reset from high to medium before it would allow network file sharing. For WinXP see if the following link helps you any:
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