LAN Windoxs XP problem

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Feb 27, 2005
  1. i have three computers connected to a broadband connection via a router. However, one of the pc cannot connect to the internet. It uses Windows XP OS. On the network panel, it has detected the LAN connection, and the status is ok. However, i connect open any site on the internet.
    The two other are laptops and they can connect to the router have no problem connecting.
    Why is this, is it anything to do with the router of the network adpater of the PC how can i solve this problem?
  2. Nodsu

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    What is the network setup on the laptops and the PC?

    Posting the output you get from "ipconfig /all" would be nice.
  3. hiren

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    Hi ryderz,

    I think u r sharing ur internet connection over the LAN. Check for the ip address on ur desktop and especially ur default gateway ip.

    If everything is correct, then go to internet explorer->tool menu->internet option->connection->setup, complete the wizard checking the LAN connectivity.

    I think this will solve ur probs.
  4. Killer_Byte

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    If you setup your router as a DHCP it will automatically assign network details to all your connected devices. This would be done on the router setup screen ( usually a web based interface)

    You shall need to setup your local network connection to automatically.

    Because your router connects you to the internet it should all be automatic.
  5. ryderz

    ryderz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have tried all connecting it automatically. but still it does'nt work.
    when i compare with the other computer settings, there isn't any difference.
  6. Killer_Byte

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    Perform a simple check and post the results on the site.

    1.Go to START and Run
    2. Type "cmd" - without the quotes
    3. type "ipconfig/all" - again without quotes

    It will give a better understanding of what your router is actually doing
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