Language Support Not Allowing Log In

By coloradocomp
Apr 9, 2007
  1. I am running Windows XP. After trying to install Japanese Language support as the non-unicode language I am now unable to log into Windows. I am prompted at the log in screen for my password but the text is all jumbled and you can barely make out what it is. I enter the correct password and it does not prompt me that the password is wrong, the log in box just disappears and then reappears 1 second later. I have called eMachines and they tell me now after waiting a week that the discs are on back order and if not recieved by NEXT Monday to call them back. I am running an eMachines T6522 with Media Center. Do I have any other options than waiting?
  2. engman2000

    engman2000 TS Rookie

    I think there is mistake of adjust display language and it is simple for any IT to recover it throw consol or safe mode.
  3. coloradocomp

    coloradocomp TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've attempted logging into Safe Mode and it still prompts for the user name and password and still doesn't recognize the password. It is all numbers.
  4. engman2000

    engman2000 TS Rookie

    Sure system dose not able to access ur account through Wrong password cause system don't understand keyboard as english letters cause as u said u change language setting...
    Any way ur choose now to start with Original Windows Cd as boot CD than access to consol recovery and try to change windows setting...
    hope this is be usefull ...
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