Laptop Display Hinges

Oct 15, 2006
  1. My latest two laptops I bought used have overtly tight hinges... Considering the weight of most LCD displays, I would think they could stand to be somewhat loose, however, I read about a few where the reverse is also a real problem. In my case, with Dell C600, the right side hinge is virtually garbage!

    It broke in two at the upper screw support on the inside post, and completely off at the upper base on the outside post... What can I do to fix this? I see full screens all the time, but I don't need to spend the extra money, but may want a local shop to install the hinge as it looks rather difficult. My Toshiba 410 Series have extra large, bulky case encased hinges, and while pretty ancient, they have held up extremely well!

    BILL // I posted in the forum I joined, this may be suited better in an external hardware section, sorry
  2. Nodsu

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    Yeah.. those hinges.

    I once fixed a Thinkpad with a broken hinge by putting in a bent piece of metal (an old PCI slot cover) instead of the broken off plastic casing. Only needed pliers, a punch and some cussing :p
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