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Laptop drive options?

  1. I just picked up Costco Top of the Line pre-built DELL 17-R Laptop Came with I-7 3612 QM Processor quad core decent cannot complain. Along with 8-GB of DDR-3 1333MHZ RAM.
    down side it only has what I would assume built into mother board Video card. So I cannot do to much here unless I took out the motherboard altogether not going to go there to much head ache and money as the highest resolution I have is the 1600 /900. I am not a gamer so not a huge deal really. I am a speed freak through I like programs and Boot times as quick as possible.
    So really the only Up-grade I for see to turn this machine into a whole new beast , is to Dump the mechanical HD which I am sure is only a 5400-RPM not even a 7200- RPM not night and day difference between those two anyway.
    MY QUESTION IS there on the market out there anywhere any type of PCI Drive or something that would plug into one of the 3.0 USB inputs kind of Drive to replace the super slow 5400 RPM Drive.
    On my last Costco Laptop I did an up-grade to the Crucial 256-GB SSD KIT of which specs at something like 500-mb to 550 mb READ / Write Times. Which was fantastic way fast programs opened and closed instantly nearly along with 8 to 10 second full Boot times.
    I was just wondering if there was something else out there on the horizon , That is even a step above this Crucial Kit I installed. AS If it is my only option I will go with it again on this system.
    Crucial has seemed to make the transition to do this Up-grade truly the easiest for the layman as it comes with this kit a little USB Dongle and the CD software that walks one through it all and it worked perfectly flawless. There maybe a couple other SSD's out there that are slightly faster not enough to truly note a difference. But they do not simplify it all with a nice Kit like Crucial does with the USB Dongle and software disc.
    Is there any Laptop PCI TYPE of super fast drive on the market or somthing else I am missing.


  2. Wes Harrington

    Wes Harrington TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am getting Ready to pull The Trigger on a new SSD Drive for my DEll Insperion 17-R I picked up from Costco.
    I got it for $ 799.00. With ( I-7 3612 QM 2.10 GHZ Processor , )
    along with ( 8-GB of DDR-3 - 1333 MHZ RAM )
    The only hold back now is the Mechanical 5400-RPM Hard drive. My last system I purchased I did the same up-grade only I purchased the Crucial 256-GB SSD- KIT of Which came with a Dongle with the USB to SSD Transfer Kit along with a software CD Disc, of which made it all very simple to Transfer.
    MY QUESTION : Is I am looking at going with the NEW Faster OCZ VERTEX SSD Drive this time around and it looks like it just comes with the SSD Drive , NO- Transfer Dongle , not sure if Software Disc is included. SO I was just wondering how the process is done in this Case.
    As far as Transferring all the Data on my Current hard drive over to the NEW OCZ SSD Drive exactly what does the process entail to do this all. Do I just plug and play. uninstall the 5400-RPM Drive and install the new SSD Drive and then what. Or is there another step required prior to doing the install. Please help? with the process. It sure was nice the way Crucial had it all set up with that transfer Kit. I still have the Kit from Crucial I used to install it on my other laptop of which I sold to my friend. Any help greatly appreciated.

  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    why not just connect the new drive to the existing system and then
    COPY via drag-n-drop to the new device?

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