Laptop full of bugs

By rodw
Dec 27, 2010
  1. I have already posted in the introductory section and generally but thought Id add to it in as much as having had a look at 8 steps to remove problems by Julio I cannot even open an internet page without the windows security shield coming up and saying page is unavailable etc and everything is over-ridden by pop ups from windows security around the task bar and in the centre suggesting to do this and that etc.
  2. crunchie

    crunchie Malware Helper Posts: 728

    Are you able to download those tools from the 8 steps from an un-infected pc, then save to a flash drive to run on the infected PC? If so, please do so and then post the logs.
    If you need to, run the tools in safe mode, but try as best you can to do them in normal mode.
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