Laptop hard drive failing...

By JimDav
Jan 2, 2011
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  1. I suspect the HD on a laptop is close to giving up the ghost. It is making strange clicking / humming noise all the time but still works (not sure how long before it packs in altogether!!).

    I have changed out HDs in laptops before - pretty straightforward job, and reinstalled Windows.

    An idea occurred to avoid losing files / data etc......

    Is it possible to remove the dying HD and copy it exactly to a new HD using another PC so that the new HD can be fitted into the laptop in place of the old HD and work OK?????????????

  2. Route44

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  3. JimDav

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    Might be tricky getting one in UK - will look around.

    I do have an old USB HD which is dead and have used the case to house HDs from laptops & connect via usb to another machine - is this something I could use to clone the dying HD?
  4. Route44

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    Acronis. See if one of your UK online PC part retailers carries the Apricon I linked you to.

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