Laptop not reading CDs/DVDs


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I'm using an ASUS X54C laptop, Windows 7. For some reason my CD drive will not read/start any CD Rom programs or a DVD. I never had this issue before. Before this happened, I sent in my laptop for repair 1 month ago at Geek Squad/Best Buy due to a Blue Sceen error and now I recently discovered this just today. Not sure if they had anything to do with it or not, but I'm just speculating.

I did take a look in my device manager and it seemed to be a problem relating to a DVD driver. Anything I can do to resolve this?


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Looks like Windows doesn't like whatever driver is installed for your drive. You can try finding the drivers for your DVD drive and reinstalling them. You could also have Windows try and find the right drivers for you by going back to the Device Manager > DVD/CD-ROM drives > Right-Click on the drive > Properties > Driver > Update Driver > Search automatically for updated driver software.

Evidently, Microsoft has an app that is for DVD/CD-ROM driver issues. Check it out at your own risk:


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I actually found out what the problem was. After troubleshooting through some steps at my manufacturer's website, it turns out the program itunes was somehow conflicting CD/Rom drive location. Something to do with the drive filters blocking it or whatever it is.
After uninstalling and re-installing the program, the drive turn out to be working again. :)
I had the same sort of problem just a moment ago but as I read your post about 'Itunes' I was near the end of uninstalling it when I clicked on Action and Scanned for any hardware changes it installed the driver that was playing up for my CD ROM not to work so I cancelled the unstallation of 'Itunes' and inserted a music CD into the drive and closed it within seconds it come up and said 'Audio CD' 'What would you like to do with this cd' which fixed the solution because it wouldn't do anything of the sort so in future I am going to 'if this happens again' remember to uninstall the cd driver and then scan for hardware changes but not always relying on this method 24/7.

so it could help uninstalling the driver then scanning for hardware changes.
hope it helps