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By ponkieus
Feb 21, 2005
  1. I really dont know wot the problem is, but i know i Have a Samsung laptop intel pentium 4.
    well it has always worked, till a couple of weeks ago when i turned it on, apparently i can see the screen going bright then dark, but thats about nothing else shows, not even the booting stage. I know d laptop itself is working coz i hear d fans n every other thing, but the screen is completely blank.
    please help.

    ive seen a lot of replies with ppl havin d same problem n they ve all kinda suggested openin it up. but i tried openin mine up, but after takin out every screw i can find it doesn't seem to open. any help?
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    External monitor

    Check to see if its working on external monitor first and if it is the Inverter or backlight is failing.
  3. ponkieus

    ponkieus TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ive actually tested it with another mionitor and it actually works, so wot does that mean? n tell me its nt goin 2 cost too much
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    200.00 Max for repairs

    This would be backlight replacement on a hard screen and inverter would be less. Shouldnt be a complicated repair depending on the unit issues.
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