Laptop Stops connecting to internet randomly

I dont know how long its been going on but within a internet provider switch from AT&T to TWC its still been doing this. Every time I reset the router name or password it lets me reconnect to the internet, but when I shut it down and boot it up later or after a couple hours it refuses to connect until I switch the router name or security password.

Its a toshiba running windows 7
The adapter is realtek or something like that which im pretty sure is the cause but nothing seems to fix this issue.
Thanks for any info on this.


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What is the Model number of the Toshiba laptop?
Does your laptop come with an Ethernet port (most do have one)? If so, try connecting directly to your router with an Ethernet Cable and see if the problem continues.
I highly doubt that its a problem with the Router (but it could be). I believe that you may have a problem with the wireless drivers installed. I would suggest:
1. Download the wireless drivers from the Toshiba website
2. Properly Uninstall the wireless drivers
3. Install wireless drivers from the download (step 1).
4. Wait and see if problem still persists. If so, let us know.


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As mentioned above, update wireless driver. This could fix any number of random wireless problems.

Side note: does any other decide connect wirelessly(phones, consoles etc) if so, do they have any issues or just this laptop?

Could try a firmware upgrade on the router but that's only reccomended as a LAST RESORT as it does reset all router settings.

If it has issues still after a driver update, let us know an I'll think of a few other suggestions