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Latest Anonymous video targets Facebook on January 28

By Shawn Knight · 46 replies
Jan 23, 2012
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  1. A new video posted on YouTube claims that the hacktivist group Anonymous is planning to take down Facebook on January 28 as part of what they are calling Operation Global…

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  2. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,109   +1,586

    Morons - complete and total morons.
  3. tehbanz

    tehbanz TS Enthusiast Posts: 180   +10

    think about it, (hear me out i'm not supporting anon and will likely not join the attack) but what 'the voice' says is true. Our freedoms are at risk and something needs to be done about it. Gone are the days when the people have a say anymore without radical attention. We cannot idly sit by and let this happen, imagine if our founding fathers never stood up for the atrocities committed against the Americans. We'd all have poor dental hygiene and be drinking tea! SOMETHING radical needs to happen for big brother to realize they CANNOT take this away from us, that if they do, something big can and will happen.
  4. Trillionsin

    Trillionsin TS Evangelist Posts: 1,801   +394


    Why attack Facebook?

    These anonfags just want to try to get girl's email accounts so they can hack their photo upload sites for self shot nudies.

    Anonymous needs to get laid? lol
  5. Facebook is a tool in the hands of companies. Kill it.
  6. j05hh

    j05hh TS Addict Posts: 181   +52

    These guys are morons, move out of your parents basement and do something constructive.
  7. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,109   +1,586

    tehbanz - what freedoms have you personally had removed? You mean the "freedom" to steal other people's copyrighted products? Well I don't do that - I pay for what I want. The only other item I can think of is SOPA/PIPA and now that's a non-issue. So what freedom's are you talking about? What "radical attention" are you referring to because I sure don't see or experience it.
  8. Chazz

    Chazz TS Evangelist Posts: 679   +75

    Let's ignore the fact that facebook was a key factor in spreading the word about SOPA/PIPA. These guys are retarded.
  9. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,797

    i feel like facebook going down for a few would do a LOT of people good, not that i support these dumb hack attacks. i still laugh in the face of SOPA/PIPA and don't think any of it will be adopted, but in the mean time hacking doesn't really seem like the correct retaliation.
  10. For example: The record industry claims we do NOT own the music we purchase. We only have the right to use it...not own it. They have the right to retain that music anytime they want. Do not sit by blindly and assume you have all the liberties you think you have. You are a good example of what is wrong with this country. Your idea would be to let the government make decisions for you so you have more time to shop at WalMart. Wake up to what's out there. Stop burying your head.
  11. mattfrompa

    mattfrompa TS Evangelist Posts: 576   +73

    SOPA/PIPA were not the first, nor will they be the last bills attempting to put unreasonable controls on the internet. The point is they are FAR from being "a non-issue". Payments have been made for garbage bills like these to be passed, so they will try again and again. Two big items to be concerned with are privacy and security. Both are being compromised in the name of profits. Don't think for a second that someone like Lamar Smith gives a damn whether or not artists are losing their jobs.
  12. UnknownSky

    UnknownSky TS Enthusiast Posts: 43

    Hmm...wonder if Myspace will get a breath of life while Facebook is down :eek:
  13. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,050   +1,384

    this is freaking stupid...I would LOVE to hear their reasoning for doing this.
  14. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 3,050   +1,384

    that doesn't even make any sense.
  15. Adhmuz

    Adhmuz TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,914   +699

    "Online War" BWAHAHAHAHAHA this isn't war, this is Politics. Internet Rights? What? They don't exist, sorry the Internet is NOT a right, it is a PRIVILEGE don't ever forget that. Taking a stand against the government? Who's government? Isn't that just anarchy? SO lets promote Anarchy cause thats cool right. So join us in our pointless fight against the Internet, that way you too can be blocked from connecting to Facebook in the future. Are people this blaintainly oblivious? You do realize that it's only a matter of time before these sites just start blocking IP addresses. This in my opinion is a bigger threat than anything else, go ahead get your IP blacklisted then see how effective you are at DDoS'ing. Oh and by taking down Facebook, what exactly is accomplished? Yes believe you can't be caught thats great, your IP is saved on their servers and when the time comes it will be given to the FBI or whatever agency is gathering up your IPs for later use. Oh how I hope whoever participates in this BS gets blacklisted permanently. I'm not pro SOPA/PIPA, I just don;t believe what these clowns are doing solves anything. It just makes things worse in the long run.
  16. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,109   +1,586

    "Two big items to be concerned with are privacy and security. Both are being compromised in the name of profits." Besides SOPA/PIPA - which is no longer relevant, tell me how my privacy and security are being violated. That is by anyone other than the *****s who call themselves anonymous.
  17. Oh God /facepalm

    Are you saying SOPA and PIPA should of been implemented or they are OK legislations, or do you support them?
  18. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,686   +434

    What you mean fags? In what meaning, sorry you are misleading in the language you use. Fags as in Cigarettes?
  19. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,686   +434

    Apparently this attack is fake, any research has been done to prove that Anon is going to do this? Apparently one of the Youtube comments said:

  20. Darkshadoe

    Darkshadoe TS Guru Posts: 567   +111

    The video mentioned that they wanted everyone to do this at the same time, 12am on January 28, yet it did not mention in which time zone.

    So much for a coordinated attack.
  21. This is FAKE!!
  22. Opus

    Opus TS Enthusiast Posts: 51

    I would say avoid these kind of method. It would yield nothing,? only temp solution or may be annoyance. Pressurize your representatives in congress and senate to oppose this. Be heard by the logic not by violence.
  23. mattfrompa

    mattfrompa TS Evangelist Posts: 576   +73

    1.Explain how in the hell SOPA/PIPA are no longer relevant... being shelved means it just won't happen right now. Look at the statements made by MPAA/RIAA officials and tell me they won't push for something similar.
    2. ACTA
    3.I do not agree with anon but if you think they are the only ones who threaten your privacy/security I hope you are at least certified in some type of cyber security otherwise you are likely wrong.
  24. Well if it isnt ANON threatening Facebook, then I would think ANON might want to do something about ppl poseing as them. I personally cant stand Facebook. I feel it has helped replace actual personal contact. So an attack on FB would only cause ppl to do somethinf they havent had to do in awhile. Actually call mom and dad.
  25. Constructive what ? block internet?

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