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LCD Jetway (Avidav) Monitor flashing off randomly

By kclarkadpi
Mar 2, 2006
  1. I have a 19" LCD Jetway monitor (with Avidav marked on front) that is only 4 months old. The past day or so, it has started randomly flasing off for 1-2 seconds, then returning back on. When it does this, it shows the icon on the monitor that says "VGA" (it tells you when it changes sources, as it does have DVI capabilities as well). I've checked the monitor cables and checked to see if any programs were recently downloaded (answer=no) or if there were any shortcuts accidentally left in startup (this was suggested from another forum's thread). I've run CCleaner to see if anything is an "issue", and it came up clear. I can't find any pattern to this, but just as I think it resolved itself, it does it again a few times in a row. Please help! (On a side note, we do have our DVI cable connected as well as the analog to the computer, but we don't know how to make our programs run DVI instead of Analog...do I need to change something on my video card? And if so, how?)
    Thanks so much for your expertise and experience!
    Kelly C.
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Welcome to Techspot.

    First decide on just one cable to your Monitor , Having both installed may be causing your problem (not Sure)
    I would start with analogue , it is basic and probably the default for your machne. If it doesn't work try the DVI , alone. (DVI is quicker and better generally)
    Then go to the website for your Monitor and Vid card and find proper instructions and files for your configuration
    Hint; usually all is well if your monitor's name/model is listed in Device manager.
    Also the' vid card ' sets the capabilities to the monitor not other software apps.
    And LCD's must have their reslolution set to it's default rating unless otherwise stated in the instrctions.
  3. digital

    digital TS Rookie

    avidav monitor

    Probably bad 470mf 16v electrolytic caps in circuitry. I've had several bloated or burst caps.
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