Leadtek Winfast GeForce 2 GTS

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May 14, 2002
  1. Have had this card since March 2001...bought from Neutron...all has been fine until yesterday. Screen went blank...tried several times to reboot. Then I noticed that the computer was not as "loud" as it had been...suspected some sort of fan malfunction. Looked...then spoted the fan on my GTS...frozen...dead. Quickly pulled the card and carefully removed the heatsink fan unit and replaced it with a blue orb. Reinstalled into computer (Abit KT7A-RAID, AMD Thunderbird 1GHz, 512MB (two sticks of 256MB) PC 133 SDRAM, IBM 75GXP 45GB HDD, CD ROM, SoundBlaster Live!, Linksys NIC 10/100, Creative Labs ModemBlaster 56K.

    Even after replacing the heatsink fan with the blue orb, cannot get boot up. Even reseated the memory modules. Any suggestions? Do not even get the initial beep before booting into Windows 98SE. Nothing. Please help. All suggestions will certainly be considered. Thanks.
  2. recoombe

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    honestly sounds like a bad card. i've had my vid card not boot up but that was because i didn't have it in all the way ;)

    any time you have to reseat memory (fan changes aren't bad) smells like a bad board that got out. have you tried it on somebody else's pc to make sure its not your motherboard or anything like that?
  3. Didou

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    Maybe that little time it did running withouth the fan on killed it. I really don't wish it for you but I don't see any other reason why it wouldn't work.
  4. Vehementi

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    Try running your computer with a different video card in it. If it doesn't work either, it may be a sysbo or CPU problem. If not, your vid card may just be fried, I'm sorry to say. Is your card still under warranty?
  5. chaplndave

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    Sent board in for replacement. Leadtek was wonderful to work with. Replaced the board no questions asked. Answered all my email within one day...can't say enough good about them. This is refreshing in light of the fact that I had to wait almost a year before OCZ Tech finally replaced a bad IWill board. At least they sent me an upgrade.

    I decided not to fool with troubleshooting the Abit board as I had an IWill XP333-R board and a stick of Mushkin PC3200 DDR lying around. I have rebuilt the box with the motherboard, memory, a 1GHz Athlon T'bird (will update sometime in the future), floppy, CD-ROM, and a 75GXP IBM 46.5GB HDD...oh yea, and the new GeForce2 GTS Pro card that Leadtek just sent me.

    Once I had everything in place, starting out with just the graphics card and the above pieces, I decided to plug it in to see what would happen. NOTHING HAPPENED!!! ...and then the two case fans and the northbridge fan went on really quietly with the processor fan starting a little and stopping, starting a little and stopping. Needless to say, I shut everything down pronto! Does this sound like a power supply problem to you? That is the only thing I can figure out. The fan on the proc was not working...not really, and the fan on the graphics card never did turn. With the other fans on so quiet I had to look to see if they were really spinning, the only thing I can figure is that they are not getting the power they need.

    Any suggestions or tips????
  6. JAV

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    Irony: I thought of this post this morning about 1/2hr after I turned on my computer. You see I have my fans connected to external PS's & I got interrupted & forgot to turn them on. 20 min later I was back & 10 after that: POOF! :(

    I killed the power to the computer/monitor & fired up the fans quick like! 10min later I tried it & it (thankfully) was ok. Whew! :blush:

    Lesson I wish to impart: If you connect to external PS's > Turn them on 1st! :rolleyes:

    MAN! on the GTS card. That is service! Lifetime or 1 yr?

    Does sound like a PSU problem, what do you presently have? Then again, maybe they just aren't 'hot' enough for the sensors to activate 'full' fan speed.

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