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Leaked Intel roadmap reveals additional details about upcoming processors

By Matthew ยท 39 replies
Nov 27, 2009
  1. A leaked roadmap has revealed a few more details about the timeframe in which Intel will launch its new Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. Among the upcoming launches are two low-powered "S" versions of the Core i5 750 and i7 860 Lynnfield chips, which will be clocked at 2.4GHz and 2.53GHz (and scale up to 3.2GHz/3.46GHz). The new S chips consume only 82W of power versus 95W, both feature 8MB of L2 cache and should appear in the first quarter of 2010.

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  2. Rapidhic

    Rapidhic TS Rookie Posts: 24

    Oh god! are we rdy for this horsepower?
  3. Adhmuz

    Adhmuz TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,769   +598

    Too bad this doesn't list anything for the i7 9xx series of chips, the lower end stuff is nice but its more fun to look at ridiculous 12 core beast that make babies cry and benchmarks quiver.
  4. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,835

    the only processors worth getting leaked information on are i9 series cpus... even though the platform doesn't really exist yet...
  5. klepto12

    klepto12 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,115   +9

    Wow looks like intel is phasing out the core 2 line of cpus finally. im sure if the road map is right that those i5 cpus will destroy any core 2 duo or quad plus anything AMD has currently. i mean look at those clock speeds wow 3.6 Ghz that is nice for a stock speed. hopefully amd is working on something nice to compete with intel or we may see really high prices from the intel camp.
  6. bitMorph3r

    bitMorph3r TS Rookie

    this is great for intel , low power, huge L2 cache for i7 but for amd ..... more hard work
    its only hope is thuban, maybe, .
  7. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,835

    heard rumors of more AMD Phenoms to come along but i haven't seen anything that's more than 4 cores... not like you would need any more than that but i like the sounds of a six core. i do a lot of 3D rendering so that would help me immensely using mental ray.
  8. Fada

    Fada TS Rookie Posts: 34

    most software can handle 2 maybe 4 cores, anything more than that is a waste of time, the software just isnt built to take advantage of it yet, its like when dual core cpu's first came along they were being wasted to be honest.
  9. EXCellR8

    EXCellR8 The Conservative Posts: 1,835

    most mainstream software isn't optimized just because a small corner of the market is multicore. most people still have single core systems. there is a lot of commercial stuff that can use more processing horsepower though. for example, mental ray rendering i use in 3ds Max can use up to 8+ cores at once to render images or video. there are also other 2D and 3D apps that will use the multicore architecture. i don't think you will ever see programs like Photoshop being optimized for more than 2-4 cores, because it simply doesn't need to be.
  10. klepto12

    klepto12 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,115   +9

    i think 4 cores is plenty of power there are what a handfull of products that can use 4 cores much less 2 cores its almost laughable that they want us to buy there more expensive lower clocked versions they come out with.
  11. BlackIrish

    BlackIrish TS Rookie Posts: 79

    I have my eye on that i5 660/670.

    I saw somewhere a leaked screenshot, which if it's true, show that the CPU used 0.8V Vcore @ 4Ghz, meaning it has a LOT of room for overclocking (like 5Ghz clocks or more). In comparasion, I think a Core 2 Duo used 1.350V for like 2.8Ghz.

    And it makes sense - the same 32nm technology which is used to make 6-core cpu's, is used to make dual core cpu's!

    So, who needs quad cores, when you can have two cores running at 4-5Ghz :D
  12. TorturedChaos

    TorturedChaos TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 838   +28

    now I might have to think really hard about whether to buy a ps3 or upgrade my computer come next year.....
  13. stwongbad85

    stwongbad85 TS Rookie Posts: 21

    isnt the i9 scheduled for Q1 2010? I know it is only for specialists, but i would like to see the benchmarks compared to prices on these.
  14. harby

    harby TS Enthusiast Posts: 37

    Interesting. They really need to push really cheap and efficient i's so they can compete with AMD in the low-end segment.
  15. lfg18

    lfg18 TS Rookie Posts: 86

    Wow they are geting more monsters ready, the core i7 is very impressive, I hope they can get this procesors affordable, that will also depend on what AMD does next, the marked need to be competitive so we can all benefit from it.
  16. Razerblade

    Razerblade TS Rookie Posts: 117

    I cannot believe how quickly they are bringing out more and more powerful processors! I cannot wait to see the i9 series when it is released! That is going to be a beast of a processor!
  17. Serag

    Serag TS Booster Posts: 181

    good to see..Intel really needs those to compete with AMD on the low-level processors..
  18. kodrutz

    kodrutz TS Booster Posts: 110

    Dooh, they should stop and breathe! I am not only thinking about Intel here. For example, I had my Athlon X2 Brisbane 4000+@2.4GHz for almost two years, then my hard drive and PSU blew up.

    Now I have no time to install all the stuff needed in Windows on that machine (I got a new PSU+case+HDD+CPU cooler), so I am using an "ancient" machine with 512MB of DDR memory, Athlon XP 1700+@2000+ processor, a GeForce 4 MX440 video card and a tiny 8.4GB HDD (with 512kb cache, lol) running Linux!

    Basically, this old machine uses less power, works like a charm, and helps me get the job done. I think that, as time goes by, a very interesting niche appears - low power CPUs for office tasks, and CHEAP ones. When I say "cheap," I think about $20 the most, retail price. I know a lot of users using their computers for office/Internet tasks that won't be bothered at all to use some really low-end machine, since the bottleneck of the user-computer combo is, in their case, the one behind the keyboard...
  19. buttus

    buttus TS Enthusiast Posts: 180

    Impressive roadmap. Intel seems to have speed to spare but I still find their architecture to be way over priced and I for one support AMD as I am not preparred to pay the premium for an Intel solution.

    Still though....these speeds are pretty impressive.
  20. saintbodhisatva

    saintbodhisatva TS Rookie Posts: 59

    Wikipedia had this "leaked" data for quite a while now.
  21. kaonis92

    kaonis92 TS Enthusiast Posts: 118

    I wonder when they will launch something in the i7 category. There have to satisfy s1366 motherboard owners too!
  22. timljh

    timljh TS Enthusiast Posts: 34

    Hopefully all these won't be as overpriced as the i7 when it was just out, then i might have the chance to upgrade =P
  23. Nirkon

    Nirkon TS Enthusiast Posts: 202

    Aren't these things always leaked? haha...
    but on a more serious note, these are some very specific details
    about each CPU, branding, fsb, cache, clock etc...
  24. klepto12

    klepto12 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,115   +9

    well as long as amd gets some quality stuff out we should see competitive pricing from both sides but as this looks amd will have there hands full.
  25. claycc

    claycc TS Rookie Posts: 43

    It looks like Intel is planning to continue pushing out solid processors and now they seem to be attacking the mainstream to budget markets which is really going to hurt AMD if they can't come up with something decent to counter.
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