Left 4 Dead 2 update is now available for free to all PC players

Shawn Knight

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In a nutshell: Players will have access to new animations, dialog, achievements and melee weapons. Valve has additionally baked in some competitive balance adjustments, bug and exploit fixes, UI improvements and plenty of “other surprises” for gamers to discover.

Valve’s latest update for classic zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2 is now available. To celebrate the occasion, the developer is hosting a free to play weekend.

The official Left 4 Dead 2 update is years in the making and was created by the community, for the community. Dubbed The Last Stand, it adds 26 new survival maps, four scavenge arenas and a new campaign based on the lighthouse survival map.

In total, there are more than 1,000 changes across the entire game. You can check out the full changelog over on the Steam website.

The Last Stand is available for free to all PC players. What’s more, Valve is hosting a free play weekend starting today and running through Sunday in the event you don’t already own Left 4 Dead 2. Should you decide to purchase the game, it’s available at an 80 percent discount right now, bringing the cost of ownership down to just $1.99.

Based on Steam's stats, gamers are welcoming the update and free play weekend with open arms. As of writing, there are 88,771 gamers playing the game, making it the seventh most active game on Steam right now.

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Valve may think this is a cool thing to do but it just highlights how out of touch they are. Guess this is what happens when you let your employees do whatever they want.


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Instead of creating new content for old games, Valve should create new games especially ones that could have a 3 in them


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I stopped playing Left 4 Dead 2 a decade ago. Why do they think this will keep a multiplayer-only title like this alive?

It seems I'm the only standout, with nearly 100k active players. but I get bored playing the same thing for years.

bluetooth fairy

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I prefer L4D1 due to atmosphere, but anyway thanks to Shawn @ TechSpot for news post. I'll give another try to the updated version.

Btw, I still have many friends on Steam who play L4D from time to time. Even though it's hard to expect many _public_ lobbies 10+ years after the game release, you better look on l4d servers, in groups for good teammates. The feeling of surviving together is up to date and never forgotten.
@Kirby1.... this is a cool thing to do. Die heart fans of the game love it. I say keep new content coming.

@defaultluser this isn't multiplayer-only title. You can play offline any time in single player mode.

I played l4d and l4d2 when first released, and have played them both for a decade.

Just because the game looks the same, its not. To many updates and graphics changes to list. After 10years of no play try it on expert and see how fast you can beat it.

And to all the other complainers about the updates to a classic game. How much did U pay for these new update?????? Haters will always hate...lol


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People aren't complaining that valve is releasing free content for an old game. People are complaining that valve doesn't release hardly anything else at all. If you don't understand this then you are not a smart person.