Keyboard / Mouse Left click on Logitech wireless mouse stopped working (Solved)


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I'm creating this post just fyi should it help anyone else with this problem. Here's what I tried and, at least in my case, how i solved a "mouse left click doesn't work" problem

I have a Logitech wireless laser mouse and use rechargeable AA batteries. The other morning i powered on my computer as usual and tried using my Logitech wireless mouse but left click didn't work (although rt click and mouse movement continued working just fine)

Things i first tried that didn't help:
> Reinstalling Logitech Setpoint and mouse drivers
> Reinstalling Logitech USB transceiver firmware
> Pressing the "reconnect" button on the USB transceiver to reconnect transceiver to wireless mouse
> Changed the mouse batteries a couple times and also tried recently recharged batteries

Then i had a hunch (well, it was really more of a last ditch hopeful guess - but it seems to have worked!)
I removed the batteries and let the mouse sit overnight without any battery inside it. When i put batteries back in the next morning, the mouse has been working fine again ever since. Go figure :stickout:


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Good stuff there J. I don't know anything about wireless mice but i am wondering if it "reset" itself. Just a thought and a small one at that. :)


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Hi Route44 :wave:

I don't know either :stickout: but occured to me it might force some type of reset if all power is drained (similar to removing batteries too long from a remote control)

But even more interesting, i think.... My mouse problem and solution actually reminded me of a time, several years ago. I solved a problem on a friend's computer where no USB device would get recognized on any of their computer's USB ports.
> Till I unplugged their computer and let it sit overnight. The USB ports worked again in the morning!

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And, wow, I was curious, googled, and look at this post i found here. Seems that solution for No USB device recognized on all ports wasn't such a rare occurence for that specific problem either!